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Gottbergís Handcrafted Brew



All American Premium Lager

Straw yellow in color, a lager that is very light in body yet with a good mouth feel and even a hint of sweetness from the flaked corn used during the brewing process.  A refreshing beer that is smooth on the palate that you can compare to your favorite premium domestic.  Pairs well with pretty much everything.  4.5% ABV


Oatmeal Stout

This medium to heavy bodied stout has a smooth mouth feel from oats added to the mash early in the brewing process with a noticeable hop finish.  Dark in color, donít let this beer intimidate, lots of flavor and enjoyably lighter than it looks.  Try this with our prime rib or a French onion steak sandwich.  5.8% ABV


Tin Lizzie Hefeweizen

A German style wheat beer so valued in its hay day that the German Nobles passed a law that only their personal brewing facility could make it. The special yeast used in this beer gives it a hearty aroma of bananas and cloves, though no fruit or spices were harmed in the making of this beer. German tradition leaves the yeast in the beer for its health benefits, and some doctors prescribed a half liter of wheat beer a day to their aging patients. Try with a salad, grilled fish or chicken.  4.4% ABV


Platte River Pale Ale

This American style pale ale has finishing citrus notes in the aroma and flavor, created from Columbus and Cascade hop additions.  Hopped five times during the brewing process, a very drinkable beer that pairs well with spicy dishes and chocolate.  4.5% ABV



Red Rock Wheat

A lightly hopped wheat beer that is copper colored and highlighted with subtle notes of honey, toasted coriander, and orange.  A smooth and easy drinker that can be enjoyed year round.  Try this with any of our seafood from fish and chips to broiled salmon. 4.7% ABV


Cocoa Porter

A mostly misunderstood beer style, darker than a brown ale but not quite a stout.  A robust beer brewed with chocolate malts, cocoa powder, and a splash of cold press coffee, the result, a complex beer that is far from sweet with a hint of chocolate in the background.  A great substitute for a glass of wine to be enjoyed with good food and best compliments broiled meats and most cheeses.  4.0% ABV


Black IPA

Brewed with 5 hop additions and black roasted malt lending to its dark color and a touch of roasty background flavor.  Clocking in a 73 IBUís, this beer hits all the qualities of a traditional American India Pale Ale.  Dark in color with a light and hoppy mouth feel.  Try one with some wings or, donít knock it till you try it, a piece of chocolate cake.  5.5% ABV





The Forgotten Old Fashioned Soda Pop

Before corn syrup and other additives, sodas had a clean crisp flavor. Mineral-free water, pure cane sugar and authentic taste made in small batches.  Gottberg brewery proudly follows these simple guidelines when we produce our Root beer, Grape, Green Apple, Ginger Ale, and Red Cream Sodas.  Flavorful and smooth, caffeine free, and very refreshing.  Try one today, available by the pint, keg, or in one of our refillable half gallon growlers.





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